Laptop/Desktop Support

We are here to help with your computer troubles. We are friendly, honest and will help you understand what is are your best options and feel confident with our services. We work on many computer manufacture, call us today to get a free 10 minutes advisory call.

Apple and Mac Repairs and Sales

Sync 3 offers swift and professional repairs on iMacs, Macbooks, Windows, Desktops and Laptops. We repair hundreds of computers every month. Bring your broken or faulty Mac or Windows computer to us and have a chat with us today!

Virus, Malware, Spyware, Popups Removal

We will help you remove viruses on your computer the best way possible. Depending of the level of infection it can make your computer to slow down, have popups at startup or redirect you to a scam internet page. We use Premium software to help you recover your compute’s data and bring it back to normal.

Mobile  Devices Assistance and Recommendations

Just picked up a snazzy new phone or tablet and want to know how to use it? We can show you how to “Sync” your work e-mail on your device, stay in touch by sharing photos or get connected to the cloud! Just ask us!

Website Design Services

We understand the importance website for your business. We have experience working with WordPress,, and other similar products and can help you get started to better expose your business right away.

Wifi Support and Recommendations

Are you experiencing slow network or connection issues. We can help you make sure your wireless network is secure and configure to deliver you the best speeds. Looking to upgrade and need help with what hardware you need or expand your wifi range. Contact us for a free 10 min call to help you today!

Call Us Today for Any Questions or To Setup An Appointment!